Grief and Loss Counseling

Santa Cruz, California

If you have experienced a significant loss in your life, you may feel overwhelmed by all the different emotions that catch you off guard. It’s confusing to feel numb one minute and be in tears the next. It’s surprising to feel angry when you expect to feel sad, or even hopeful when you expect to be scared. You may feel guilty for starting to heal, or self-conscious about not healing faster. The process is unpredictable and as individual as the relationship that launched it.

We are often unprepared for how a significant loss will impact our lives. Grief can be disorienting and isolating, but it can also be a path to a greater sense of healing and wholeness than you may have ever imagined. Since we live in a death-denying culture, it can be especially difficult to find your way through your pain and confusion to that path of healing. It helps to have a guide. Most of us don’t “get over” our losses, but we can integrate them into our lives in a meaningful way that allows us to move forward with a sense of peace.

Grief Counseling for Santa Cruz - Teresa Quadres LCSW

Teresa Quadres, LCSW
Grief Counseling

I provide grief counseling in Santa Cruz County, CA, with a focus on living with intention and cultivating a sense of wellness and wholeness. If you are struggling with a loss—through death, divorce, job loss, a change in health or an empty nest—contact me to see if I might be the guide you need to help you navigate your path through grief, whatever that may look like for you.